Jess Huffman - Founder

Firebringers was founded in 2001 with the intention of turning my entrepreneurial and sales experience into a coaching practice that gave emerging  entrepreneurs the skills, tools and confidence to reach their full potential.

After years of coaching hundreds of different individuals through a business startup, or expansion, I realized most people starting a small business were using it as a tool to create the freedom that comes with controlling their time and their life. Whether they knew it or not, this required that they re-write the story they have been telling themselves, and the stories they were hearing from others, about who they were and what they could do.

This propelled the business in a new direction, one of combining self-discovery with business and arriving at a whole individual in all aspect of life and a more successful and personally satisfying business.

Lina Oprea - Creative Director

Having grown up as an artistic child in an household full of financial analysts helped set me up for entrepreneurship, even though this has never been my family’s intention for me. Following my parent’s wishes I pursed a career in Oil and Gas accounting while going to school for my Accounting Degree, and operated a jewelry design and manufacture business part time to fulfill the need for creativity in my life.

When the downturn happened in ’09 and I got laid off from my very comfortable Oil and Gas job, I figured this was the sign, the push, to go into business for myself full time. I pursued my jewelry more seriously and grew it into a full time business. Seeking a better understanding of business, I ended up partnering up with my then business coach, which led me to this opportunity.

Day to day I am able to balance my love for structure and spread sheets and a very strong pull towards artistic expression. Building graphics and websites for clients to help strengthen their visual identity feeds the creativity, while helping them implement processes and define roadmaps they use in their day to day operations to increase productivity and streamline aspects of their operations, works my analytical and problem solving brain.